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Contact Each Other

We are continually updating the parent-to-parent contact lists as more information is sent in.

The last list was sent out in January 2011. We donít propose to issue any further list until at least after the Easter holidays, depending on how much additional data arrives.Please advise parents you know who are not on the list to get their data in
before the Easter holidays.

Also, if you have difficulty submitting your data or accessing the list, please contact us. There have been some glitches, eg:

  • The data submission form does not seem to work with Google Chrome Ė please use a different internet browser like Firefos, Explorer or Netscape
  • We had a code verification box to protect us from spamming; this caused some problems initially so we removed it, but we will be reinstating an improved version shortly.are issued on e-mail in html format Ė
  • Please make sure your mailbox receives html messages. office systems block these mails.peopleís lists seem to get chopped Ė this may be a memory issue, Iím not sure. Please call me and Iíll re-send if necessary.
  • e-mail addresses are bouncing back as unknown; have texted these parents but not all have come back to me

Ifyou have answers to any the above, please let me know!

This is the Parent Association list Ė we do not access data you may already have sent into the school, for privacy reasons. Please remember also that this information is shared in trust and should not be used for any purpose other than parent-to-parent contact within our community. Also please note that it is up to you how much or how little information you give about yourself. It is essential however that you give us an e-mail address, or we wonít be able to give you the list! And we will issue th elist only to names which are verified by the school as parents.

This year we issued the list as a whole school list following feedback, from parents, that friends and team-mates can be from different years. Many families have more than one daughter in the school so were getting multiple lists anyway. A small number of parents have suggested that this is now too broad. Please contact us with your views as we do want to get it right for everyone. If the full list is causing an issue for a significant number of parents then we will review this practice.

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