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Useful websites

Here are some websites which you might find useful.
Please let us know if you have found any others that you think we should include.





National Council For Curriculum and Assessment - the body that designs the curriculum


Dept Education resource for second level teachers


State exam website with exam papers and marking schemes

State Exams

National Parents Council


Project Maths - Loreto is one of the first 24 schools where the new Maths syllabus is being implemented

Project maths

Inside Education - a radio station with podcasts on education policy debates and what's happening in our schools

Interactive educational experience available on the internet for Irish students and teachers.



Practical Parenting - Shiela O'Malley runs parenting programmes and her website has lots of great info and advice. And Shiela is a Loreto Dalkey mum!

Practical They also have a good source of articles for parents, taken from Irish Times -

Articles on parenting

A reference site for items on psychological dimensions of teenage years

Teenage psychology

BBC website about parenting - articles, programmes and podcasts



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